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About Us


leamdiva is India’s leading finishing academy for beauty queens, models and women in general.

We produce successful models and talented divas who are not only confident in their professional lives but are a vision to behold in their personal lives as well.

Pageant Coaching & Image Makeover Studio, founded and directed by Mrs Preeti Vashisht Joshi and Rajat Joshi. Being the 1st Pageant Coaching Studio in North India and one among Top 3 institutes all over India, GleamDiva provides exclusive pageant & model training for every aspirant in modelling industry &
prepares the aspirants for National as well as International Beauty Pageants.
Registered under Epique production LLP, Gleamdiva also extends its services to makeup artistry courses by Gleamdiva MUA, especially designed for creating artists who not only possess excellence but are impeccably groomed to perfection.

Most Frequent Question

How can we help you?

We provide Pageant training, Model training and personality development services to girls and women.

Is there any age limit for joining Gleamdiva?

No, there are no age limits.

Is this course suitable only for models or women interested in glamour industry?

No, we provide overall development training to ladies who want to groom themselves into a more refined and beautiful version of themselves. Every women who wishes for a change in herself can join this course and benefit from it.

How much does it cost?

The course fee structure may vary for various factors like the number of sessions, photoshoots, extra classes etc.

Can married woman join Gleamdiva as well?

Yes, Gleamdiva provides pageant training, modeling training and its all other services to both girls and women irrespective of their age, marital status or profession.

How long does this course last?

The duration of the course may vary due to many factors but mostly we provide a full 15 days course that can be extended as per our mutual agreement with the client according to both parties' needs and requirements.

How does the fitness transformation regimen work in just 15 days or so?

At Gleamdiva, we believe in providing complete satisfaction to our students and thus help them out with their fitness goals throughout as long as they need us to. We stay by your side as long as it takes for you to be your fit and beautiful self, even after that.

I'm a working woman and don't have much time or flexible hours at hand, should I join?

Several Gleamdivagirls who've been on this same journey before had successful careers and professions. Many had hectic work hours but they've thrived and become successful in Pageantry and modeling as well because of Gleamdiva. We provide customized schedules and flexible hours for completing the duration of your course.

I'm not very fluent in spoken English, is that going to be an issue for me?

No, you can communicate in any language whatsoever. One should communicate in the language they're most comfortable with. Our team constitutes of both English and Hindi speaking mentors who'd help you out in every way possible

How can I find out more about your courses, sessions and classroom environment?spoken English, is that going to be an issue for me?

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