Terms & Conditions


Section 1 – COACHING

1.1. To make myself available to receive the coaching I pay for.

1.2. To attend a minimum of 2 sessions before my final.

1.3. To pay in advance for the course fees either via Paypal or by bank transfer no later than 24 hours after booking a slot. You may lose your slot if payment isn’t completed in time. Under some circumstances Cash may be accepted on the day.


2.1. To keep my coaching with GD confidential at all times, with the exception of family, and not to post anything on social media until after my pageant. (Only applicable if you wish to train privately)

2.2. To not disclose any personal pageant coaching progress or lesson content with non GD students.

2.3. To not circulate or share any of the copyrighted GD Lesson Guides or Pageant Preparation booklets to anyone: before, during and after my pageant. Reparation booklets. They are for sole use of myself and for my own benefit only. Any breach of this will result in immediate cease of my coaching and association with GD.

2.4. To not use GD coaching methods and copyrighted materials to train non GD students or any other pageant girl, before, during or after my GD Coaching for my own personal gain and pageant reputation. If it is discovered I am using/adapted/copied/distributed any of the copyrighted GD Material, I understand further legal action may be taken against me.


3.1. To train only with GD, and not alongside, or in addition to, any other pageant coach or trainer of any sort. The only exception being the official training day ran by the specified pageant, in which I am entering, of which GD encourages me to attend. Any breach of this will result in immediate cease of my GD Pageant Coaching and disassociation with GD, any prepaid courses or lessons will be ceased and not refunded.

3.2. If I am to win any national pageant during or after my coaching with GD, I will disclose GD, and allow GD to disclose itself as my official and only pageant trainer. Regional wins will be announced after the national final to protect my interests.

3.3. a) If I am to win any pageant after my GD Pageant Coaching, and have not worked with another Pageant trainer since, I will give permission and consent for GD to still be disclosed as my official pageant trainer.

3.3. b) If I wish to train with another trainer at any point, either during or when my  GD Coaching has ended, I must disclose this information in writing to GD to clarify the desist of being affiliated with GD. Failure to do so will result in GD taking Credit for any subsequent pageant wins, regardless of who I am now training with.


4.1. To consult with GD upon my wardrobe choices, hair styles, makeup styles and final gown choice.

4.2. To embrace all of the GD Lessons, and dedicate 100% effort into my coaching.

4.3. To practice between my scheduled sessions and to demonstrate willingness and determination to improve.

4.4. To remain in contact with Principle Coach Preeti Vashisht Joshi via email/Facebook/Text on a weekly basis.

Section 5 – POST PAGEANT

5.1. To provide a full testimonial of GD and its services after my chosen pageant.

5.2. After the selected pageant, I can request to receive top up coaching for any other pageants I wish to enter at a reduced rate.

5.3. If I win any pageant during the course of my coaching with GD, I give permission for my images and video images to be used on GD social media and for GD promotional purposes.

5.4. If I win any pageant during the course of my coaching with GD, I will continue to train with GD for the next stage(s) of the pageant up to the international level. (Optional)

5.5. If I do not win my pageant I am training for, I will not speak ill of GD to the pageant community and on social media, or blame GD for not placing first.

5.6.a) I understand that if I do not win my specified pageant, I can continue to train with GD  and continue to enter other pageants, at the reduced loyalty rate.

5.6.b) If I do not wish to continue training with GD after my specified pageant,  I must notify GD in writing to clarify the desist of being affiliated with GD.

In agreement to the above, GD will uphold the following:

To provide tailored and personalized GD pageant coaching for the requested amount of hours, incorporating all of the GD Lessons and training techniques for the specified student.

To provide support, advice and guidance to the student via face to face sessions, email, Messages, Facebook.

To fulfil the request of how the student would like to train; either publicy or privately.