Rajat Joshi

Rajat :Specialist in Fitness Nutrition from ISSA (The International Sports Sciences Association) He is running his own youtube channel called “IALPHA TV ” youtube.com/iAlphaTV   which covers physical fitness, mental well-being, nutrition, grooming and developing spiritual awareness and consciousness. The whole training program is conceptualized and conducted with a holistic approach integrating the holy trinity of the body, mind and soul; physical transformation with free training techniques, where every single part of the muscular-skeletal structure is stimulated, stretched, contracted and challenged with regulated breathing, thus addressing it in totality.

  • Fitness This aspect comprises warm-ups, agility and flexibility drills, boot-camp workouts, therapeutic yoga.
  • Mind & Spirit Various types of meditation and prayers to delve deep inside and realize the spiritual being inside for bringing out a soft, sensitive, compassionate, benevolent and philanthropic personality, which is true inner beauty enhancement and heightening of perceptions. The true “Woman of Substance” has the quality of sharing and caring with integrity with a sense of comradeship and sisterhood, thereby bringing out the inner beauty. So along with strength, stamina, tone and conditioning on the outside gross level, there is also transcendence and metamorphosis at the subtle level to deliver a superfine human being.
  • Therapeutic Nutrition & Dietetics Natural nutrition, which envisages the formulation of a wholesome diet programs to keep the contenders in “the pink of health”. This is supplemented by a dose of cosmic nutrition, i.e. absorbing the natural elements, eg. Sunlight, natural fragrances like flowers, plants, mud, etc, deep breathing to heighten perceptions, composure and to integrated the mind, body soul faculties making oneself a whole some human being.


  • Girls weighing more than 57 kg. Should avoid pulses in the afternoon and restrict their of chapati/ brown rice, nuts and dry fruits.
  • Breakfast and dinner are cereal free.
  • Avoid use of refined sugar.
  • Use only rock salt.

“I am fitness enthusiast & working on analyzing data about how the body reacts to different foods, compounds & exercise programs. I am not a doctor but using my analytical skills I learned in school (IIM C) on different data sets, people in my fitness network and working toward MED (Minimum effective dose) suitable for the Indian subcontinent.”

  • B.Tech (IT)
  • EPBA (2009 -10) – IIM Calcutta
  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA) DNHE (Diet, nutrition & general health)


Height: 5’11″ Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

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