Annu Gupta Jain



‘Make your soul fashionable, Your outer appearance will follow it’…

  • Annu Gupta Jain, An Image Consultant / Fashion stylist , always believes that your outer appearance is the outcome of your inner self. She started her career in 2002 in exports , dealing with high fashion garments. Running her label successfully ( Voile and Born Purple) in US was the biggest achievement , until 2012 where she realised that with a growing economy in fashion and lifestyle, yet there is a vacuum in fashion for normal women. Today with such a busy lifestyle, people want everything at ease . So she introduced a concept of BOUTIQUE ON WHEELS – where as a stylist , she visits their home or at the place of their convenience and provide them with complete designing to styling to customisation according to their requirement.
  •  In 2016, she was felicitated by All Ladies League with an Iconic award in fashion and lifestyle. -She had an opportunity to style Jai Madaan in her show Family Guru.
  • To enhace her skills, she started studying more in details and did her Image Management from a reputed institute -ICBI, (image consulting buisness institute) , south ex – delhi. In 2017-2018, she also worked with a company as A Men Stylist.
  • As an Image Consultant, she helps our clients to enhance, update and upgrade their appearance to ensure that their image is in congruent with their personal and professional roles and goals.


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