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our services

beauty pageant coaching

v  Pageant Paperwork

v  Personlized Fitness & Diet 

v  8 Types of Pageant & Rampwalk(Universally renowned pageant walks)

v  6 Makeup Looks

v  Mini Photoshoot (Free)

v  Connecting with the Judges & Handling Stage

v  Platform Development

v  Social Media Visibility

v  Power Dressing Lessons + Personal Shopping Day

v  Posing Lessons

v  Camera Facing Techniques

v  Social Graces/Body Postures

v  Dining Etiquette (Indian, US, UK Style)

v  Art of Communication

v  Pageant Q/A

v  Mock Pageant

personality devlopment

v  Personlized Fitness & Diet 

v  Walk comfortably in high heels with elegance

v  Make & Hairdo lessons: Day look and Night Look 

v  Camera Facing Techniques

v  Mini Photoshoot (Free)

v  Art of Communication

v  Social Graces/Body Postures

v  Dining Etiquette (Indian,US, UK Style)

v  Power Dressing Lessons 

v  Appropriate Accessory Selection

fitness course

  1.   Customized Diet Plan for three months.

      Session on fitness & diet fundamentals.

      Customized chart after analyzing your details like Fat percentage, medical history, BMI, BMR , hormone profile & food allergies.

      Kitchen makeover tips.

      One Gym session for 90 minutes.

      Exercise chart for next 3 months.

      NOTE: Diet plan will have an expiry date and we will renew it as per your progress.

      Support for next 3 months – One call per week.

Our Team

Namrata Senani Garg
Model & Actor

Mrs. Delhi/NCR 2017, Jury for various pageants. Coaches on Pageant Q&A, Model Talk

Makeup Artist

“1st RUNNER UP Ms Exclusive 40 Plus – I AM THE WORLD, Runs her own Salon, Coaches on Makeup & Hair Styling

Image Consultant

Coaches on Communication & Soft Skills Training

Image Consultant

Fashion Stylist, Coaches on Personal & Wardrobe Styling

Pageant Coach

Mrs India World (Photogenic),Mrs Delhi/NCR 2016, (Certified from London School of pageantry) Coaches on Rampwalk, Etiquette, Posing

Fitness Consultant

Founder, EPBA, IIM Calcutta, Certified Nutritionist, ISSA YouTube Channel: IALPHATV

Customers reviews


This place helps you transform your personality. Preeti mam

ensure that the sessions cover all aspects of your personality and that no stone is left unturned in your grooming. The sessions are thorough and well-planned.

Ashita Alag


As our official grooming partner, she immensely trained our finalists on their walk, stage presence and postures. Her nuances of coaching is extremely dynamic and breezy. She is very easy to connect with not just on professional level but on personal level as well.

Sudha Subramanian
Pageant Director

It was luck by chance, I was short on time and finally landed at Gleamdiva.
With the help of the whole team of Gleamdiva I won the Mrs India Earth 1st runner up title in the contest Mrs India Earth and would be going for Mrs United Nations soon.

Shivangi Kulshrestha