About Us

Welcome to GLEAMDIVA-Pageant & Model Training Studio-A home to delivering elegance and excellence through world class level beauty pageant training. Our tagline: “Wist. Glide. Dazzle”

About Us

Thank you for taking the time to consider the GleamDiva Pageant & Model Coaching Academy. Our aim is to groom and enhance your overall personality and body language for your bright career in modeling, pageant and fashion industry.

At GleamDiva, whether our students have prior experience or not, we deliver a series of specialized lessons and skills aimed at dissecting each and every aspect of pageantry.

Through both practical and theory lessons we reveal the basics and much more – from catwalk skills to the untold secrets, tips and tricks, to the all-important Dos and Don’ts of competing.

We personalize your experience so that you know exactly what you’re going to talk about in your interview and you have already become comfortable and confident with your onstage presentation.

It is a saying that “a well-dressed man gets the name of a gentleman” and “a well groomed girl gets the name of a lady”. It is very well true as we believe in these sayings and try and groom the aspiring female models in such a way that you become a renowned name in fashion and film industry.

Classes are delivered face-to-face within a relaxed and supportive classroom environment. Exceptional trainers who are dedicated to teaching and have extensive industry skills and experience conduct our practical and interactive classes.And, are conducted in a uniquely caring, friendly and personalized learning environment. Our students are respected and valued.

Some coaches have a different style, but at GleamDiva we pride ourselves on providing constructive guidance, useable and effective instruction, and mental and emotional support throughout the entire competition process.

— From Coach

“I think that I have always loved the mysterious, different, expressive world that is beauty…”.

Our philosophy is important to us

It is important for us that you know who we are,  to make this journey together

Our Team

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